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What is the benefit of having a glass panel placed in my existing door over buying a new door?
As long as your door is in good condition a glass panel can be installed in one hour in your existing door. It is less expensive to have a glass panel placed in your door then to buy a new door system. You already know that your existing door fits the doorframe properly, so you won’t have to pay an installer to hang a new door. By adding a glass panel, even the plainest doors can be made beautiful.
How long does it take to make the glass panels?
It takes approximately 6-8 weeks from the date of order to have the panels ready to install.
How long am I without a door?
Your doors never leave your home. We will measure your existing door and create the glass panel to fit your door. When the panel is complete, we will install the panel in your door at your home.
How long does it take to install the glass panels?
It takes approximately 1 1/2 hours per door to install the glass panels.
How do you install the glass panels?
All work is done at our home. We simply remove the doom by the hinge pins, carry them out to your driveway, cut out the center panels and place your new glass panels in. We do not change the configuration of your lockset or the hinge line of your doors. It will fit the same as before.
How private are the glass panels?
The glass panels can be as private as you want them to be. We will custom make them for you and can either use glue chip glass (frosted) for additional privacy or use water glass to increase the beauty and sparkle. The only thing that would be clear is the edge of the cut bevel, which is approximately 3/8 inches wide.
How do you make the glass panels?
All of our windows are handmade individual pieces of glass held in place with lead came. Each piece is then soldered and puttied, using putty cement. This adds additional strength to the over all design. This technique creates a very rigid glass panel.
Do you use colored glass?
No, we do not use colored glass. Colored glass is not as strong glass and the constant jarring of the door could cause the glass to break. However, the surrounding trees and plants will reflect color onto your glass panels. Therefore, the glass will look like it is always changing colors depending on how the light hits it and sparkle of the bevels.
Can you make a custom design?
Yes, what we sell is a standard collection of designs. We can copy almost any design you wish. It will run more than our standard designs, but you can have the satisfaction of knowing that it is your own personal design. We will make a set of drawings of the custom panel for your approval. However, we will not produce any of these drawings until we have received a deposit.
Do you refinish (paint or stain) the door?
No, we do not paint or stain the remaining door. We set the panels in a wood molding, which we will paint or stain to match your existing door color as long as you provide us with the paint free of charge. However, if your door is stained or faux finished to look like wood there is a nominal charge for the replication of color & special wood use. We will stain the molding to match your door at an additional cost.
Do you change or remove hardware?
No, we do not change or remove any hardware.
Do the doors let in heat?
The single glaze glass panels do not have the same thermal qualities as a solid door itself. A compromise is struck between the beauty of the beveled glass and losing some thermal qualities. However, most entry doors have a large enough overhang that prevents direct sunlight from hitting the door. if this is still a concern, please ask about our triple glaze designs, which are more thermally efficient.
A note on sidelights & transoms:
We also provide custom sidelights and transoms to match your doors by changing out the old plain glass with a new beveled glass design. It will complete the transformation of your entryway from the boring to the unbelievable.
Also, about cabinet doors:
We can take most cabinet doors and add custom glass and/or special leaded glass designs the same way we transform your entry doors.