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Remodel Door and More is the premier decorative and beveled glass manufacturer and installer in the Coachella Valley. We offer high-quality hand-crafted artistic glass in a variety of styles and textures to fit every home décor. Since energy-efficiency is a prime concern for most residents of the Desert, most of these can be insulated through our triple-glaze construction option. What’s more, all of this can be accomplished using your existing door, without the door ever leaving your home. Once the glass and framing is prepped, all installation is done on-site in two to three hours, with minimal mess or inconvenience. We also offer a variety of different decorative glasswork for your home, from cabinets and tabletops to shower enclosures.

Additionally, through our distribution division OmniView, Remodel Door has a partnership with many of the most popular window and patio door manufacturers in the United States. We offer full consultation, ordering, and installation services through our professional sales and installation team, as well as direct sales at competitive pricing to local building and remodeling contractors.

Services We Offer


Our flagship service, our leaded, beveled, and decorative glass options can be installed into almost any existing door, adding elegance and value to your home. Remember, first impressions are lasting impressions!


Energy-efficiency is a prime concern here in the Desert, and modern vinyl and fiberglass windows with top-of-the-line energy efficient glass is a great way to reduce your home’s energy bill. Whether you have a leaky or broken window or it’s just time to update your home, we can help!


Whether your Remodeling an entire Bathroom or just replacing and existing shower enclosure, Remodel Door and More can help guild you through the process of choosing the right Glass and Hardware options available for that custom Shower or Bath enclosure your looking for.


For our General Contractors  and Specialty Trade Contractors we offer competitive wholesale pricing for Windows, Patio Door and French Door project. Weather its  new construction or a remodel we have a product to fit the “Look your after“ and the budget parameters you may have.









Remodel Door & More


Our belief is that the first impression is always the lasting impression. To that end, we have a full showroom with full-size examples of most of our leaded beveled and textured glass designs. We invite each of our customers to visit us to get the process started, especially since no photo will do justice to the real product. Our highly-trained expert sales staff can help you pick out a glass insert that fits your desires, from privacy glass through design selection. If a visit would be difficult or inconvenient, we can schedule a home visit with a catalog and sample materials; just give us a call and we’ll get you started!

Once a design has been selected, the next step is an inspection and measurement of the doorway. First and most importantly, it tells us exactly how large to create your new glass panel so it fits perfectly in your door. Second, we’ll take a look at your door’s hardware, weather stripping, and finish, and let you know if there are any areas of concern. Weather stripping in particular is a common target for a refresh, as the Desert heat is quite harsh on the vinyl rubber used to keep your entryway sealed.

Next is fabrication! If you have chosen a textured panel, we place an order with one of our manufacturers for the panel. If you have chosen a hand-crafted leaded beveled panel, we hand-build the unit in our workroom. All of our materials are North American-made,


We aim to turn our customer’s perception into our reality by offering customized production for our valued customers. This service enables you to order doors and windows according to your requirements of wood and glass or any other material that can be used as per customer demand.

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Serving the Coachella Valley

Remodeling an existing door costs about half of the cost of replacing the door. Remodeling entry doors with decorative art glass is a new trend in interior design without making a big mess. Your doors never leave your home as we perform the work on site in about 2 – 3 hours.

Custom leaded glass is re-emerging with tremendous popularity. Custom glass in homes has been elevated to the status of fine art. With countless designs and the ability of custom beveling, almost anything is possible. These door and window inserts are still being made in the traditional way…

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