Company History

We transform your existing doors into beloved works of art.
And… Your doors never leave your home!

Serving the Coachella Valley we are here to help with your remodeling needs. Our beautifully handcrafted Beveled Glass inserts are manufactured here in Southern California, not overseas. With over 30 designs to choose from we’re confident you will fall in love with one that will greatly enhance your home.

Our Omni View Window and Patio Door company specializes in replacing your old windows with NEW, High Energy Efficient Low-e Windows and Patio – French Doors. We make it easy to save money and beautify your home at the same time. Give us a call for a free estimate

Many homeowners are looking for a unique and personalized way to show off their homes. Adding beveled glass to your doors and windows will add elegance and old-world charm as well as value to every home. It resonates the concept of timeless beauty and artisan quality craftsmanship. With the many different designs and types of glass that are available, there is something for everyone.

Remember, the first impression is a lasting impression.

Custom leaded glass is re-emerging with tremendous popularity. Custom glass in homes has been elevated to the status of fine art. With countless designs and the ability of custom beveling, almost anything is possible. These door and window inserts are still being made in the traditional way. They are made to your specifications and give you the finest look possible in today’s discriminating market. Once you have seen the beautiful transformation, the possibilities are endless.

We offer triple glazed panels in some of our designs. Triple glazed panels are designed with two solid glass pieces on each side with gas in the middle to aid in insulating the glass. Our glass designs can be incorporated into transoms, side lights, windows, pantry doors, kitchen cabinet doors and almost any other application where a glass insert can be added.

Remodeling an existing door costs about half of the cost of replacing the door. Remodeling entry doors with decorative art glass is a new trend in interior design without making a big mess. Your doors never leave your home as we perform the work on site in about 2 – 3 hours.

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