Windows and Patio Door Replacement


There are numerous styles of windows, we at Remodel Doors offer and provide new or replacement windows and doors, Pella windows, Wholesale windows , discounted windows, Milgard windows, MI windows, vinyl windows, Aluminum windows, double sided patio doors and much more. Our expertise and experience in working with glass and windows allow us to carefully examine our customer’s and client’s requirements, and suggests them with all the relevant and possible installation or repair plans.

Just like everything else, windows too get worked up and would require repair or replacement in due time. There are numerous indications when you need a professional window remodeling company. Panes may develop moisture on them, exteriors may chip damage or faded and they become stiff and rigid. If you’re unsure about the condition of your windows, contact us right away and leave the rest to us. Upon setting an appointment with us, we will send one of our licensed and experienced professional to inspect all the existing windows, take some measurements and will as you about your requirements and budget. After these inspections our expert will be able to provide you with a personalized estimate for the project and review financing options. When you’re satisfied with the plan, we move forward and order your new windows, take the payment and schedule a time for the installation.

Patio Door

Patio doors, also known as sliding glass door, gliding door or door-wall has a special design and are constructed by using a massive glass window gap in an exceedingly structure that give door access from an area to the outside. These wall-sized glass door are a great source of natural light, the glass also makes it possible to go creative and install relevant colors or designs that compliments the rest of the interior and exterior.

The sliding glass door was introduced as a big component of pre-war International vogue design in Europe and North America. These doors are designed to glide horizontally with one operating panel and one stationary panel, these also come in variety of designs such as multi-slides, bi-fold doors and barn doors. Unlike hinged doors, patio doors has a great advantage of not interfering or taking place in between a room or patio allowing them to fit even in tighter spaces. These doors are solid, professionally constructed offering multiple locking points to ensure high level of security and climate-neutral, which makes them easily operational even in the toughest of weather and climates. We at Remodel Doors can offer you with a variety of these beautiful doors as well as create a completely customized door with your choice of glass, hardware style, finishes, grille patterns, and interior stains.

Standard Doors

We take pride in providing our customers of all standards and background. From grand, extravagant to small, cozy and homely door designs. We have been able to successful bring together numerous projects while achieving complete customer satisfaction. Our knowledge about the various kinds of components used, material and design helps us broaden up our perspective to understand our client’s vision.

We design, deliver and install all kinds of entry doors, gates, iron doors and much more. With a variety of products to offer, we also offer a great service of creating a unique and custom personalized door. This offer allows our customers to choose everything from the wood to the hinges, design pattern and color. Our end results are often delivered beyond the expectations of our customers. The reviews and satisfaction of our customers is what makes us aspire for our never ending stretch for quality. Our professionals are known for going the extra mile to bring innovation into the industry and treat every project as a master piece.

We now offer replacement windows, and retro fit windows

At remodel door we help save you money by replacing the insulated glass unit, rather than having to worry about the whole window. Failures and broken seals are costing you money on your monthly energy bills.

How Insulated Glass Works
With double pane windows, the insulating airspace in between the glass panels maintain consistent temperature and reduce heat loss. Most modern windows have two seals: an inner seal to protect against moisture and corrosion and an outer seal to protect the strength of the window. The seals hold a spacer in place-usually a tube containing water-absorbing chemicals.

Why Do Seals Break?
For the most part, insulated glass windows work extremely well. They handle all types of weather, including cold temperatures, heat, and open and close motions. With the double seal, when one seal begins to break, the other can hold the line for a while. Other than old age, there are additional factors that affect seal breakage: Direct exposure to sunlight-the more sun and ambient heat your window gets, the more heat will build up in the insulated glass unit causing the panes and seal to expand, when the temperature cools down the glass unit contracts, and the seal sucks back-in. Over time, your glass unit will fail, and look something look this

Once the seal is broken, moisture begins to form between the panes, giving your windows a milky, foggy look.

Foggy windows are double pane windows that have lost their ‘seal.’ A double pane window is also known as an Insulated Glass Unit (IG Unit). When an IG Unit’s seal is broken, outside air enters the formally sealed airspace between the glass panes. Once moisture rich air is trapped inside the window, it fogs up and even-tually becomes wet. Even if the wetness dries, a hazy residue is left behind that looks foggy. The proper way to repair a window with a broken seal is to replace the faulty insulated glass with a new IG Unit. This repair utilizes the existing window frame and is done clean and quickly.

Just give us a call. we would be happy to provide you with a free evaluation, and estimate to replace your failed units.

Remodeling magazine reports that the ROI on energy-efficient windows is 73-78%. Your monthly energy costs will go down by up to 40%.

Over the past 10 years, new developments in window design have dramatically reduced this type of heat loss.

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